Mens Shoes Buying Guide

Some men hate shopping for shoes and dread the time when they must address this certainly highly important and necessary issue. Others, on the other hand, may actually enjoy shoe shopping, just like a woman normally does and thatís alright too. Either way, though, any guy needs a few pairs of reliable, comfortable shoes, and some tips on finding the right shoes can be beneficial whatever your personality may be like and whatever your preferences are.

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Types of Menís Dress Shoes

Menís dress shoes are available in many styles and each has its place. Some common types of menís dress shoes are as follows:


King amongst menís dress shoes are the famous Oxfords. Men need shoes with laces when they are wearing a nice suit or a tuxedo. Therefore, this is where Oxfords are necessary. They can easily fill the need, including wingtips or brogues if needed as well. However, there's one very important rule to remember: The more dressed up someone is in general, the thinner the soles of that man's dress shoes should be. Besides that, you will also need men's black shoes with some sort of shiny leather for all kinds of formal events.



Next come Loafers, which work perfectly with dress pants, business suits, sport coats and sweaters. Typically, if these are the clothes you wear for work, you will definitely need to have a pair of brown loafers as well as a pair of men's black shoes.



Finally, the all-time favorite: Boots. Dress boots are considered to be ankle boots or Chelsea boots, both of which work very well with suits, especially when the weather is cold and wet. It is best to look for thinner soles and shinier men's leather shoes in order to look professional if you are planning on wearing boots all day long.

Men's Boots

Types of Menís Casual Shoes

It is very difficult task to buy a perfect pair of menís casual shoes because many types of casual shoes come in these days. Some most common types of casual shoes are given below. So check it out!

Menís Slip-ons

As for menís casual shoes, there are even more options to choose from, such as the simple slip-ons. Men's slip-on shoes are shoes that you can put on quickly. You'll love these when you're in a hurry or don't wish to make too much effort while putting on a pair of shoes. However, the ease of use does not mean you'll look sloppy when you're wearing slip-ons. In fact, men's slip-on shoes can be comfortable clogs, sporty canvas shoes or even look like dressy leather shoes.

Men's Slip-ons

Athletic Shoes

Athletic-inspired shoes are a must for any man. Whether youíre hanging out in your favorite jeans or up and about running errands in your cargo shorts, these shoes are inspired by athletics and are usually extremely comfortable and durable. They donít have to be your gym shoes, however, and can actually be more about fashion than function. The true athletic shoes is something you will need if you are a true athlete, or if you run or walk a lot. These shoes must be selected wisely, as they must provide the right amount of support for the foot as well as the ankle and heel, especially if you are planning on covering a lot of distance.

Men's Athletic Shoes

Menís Sandals

Up next are sandals, the classic footwear for the summer. Having a few pairs of sandals in your closet is an essence for those hot days. Although flip flops are easy and work great, if you live in a place where itís often very warm, having a nice pair of sandals is also a great tip.

Men's Sandals

Menís Casual Boots

Finally, the casual boots can also end up being a must thatís great to have. These are made for function rather that style, and can be very beneficial for multiple purposes. Some varieties may include snow boots, rain boots, hiking boots, work boots and western boots. When looking for boots, think of the climate and where you live as well as the activities you plan to do.

Men's Casual Boots

Fitting Menís Shoes

Fitting menís shoes may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it is necessary to find the best quality shoes for constant wear. The first thing to remember is to measure your feet late in the day. This is when your feet tend to be larger, so you can get a better measurement this way. Besides this, you should also wear the kind of socks that you are planning to wear frequently with your shoes before measuring.

Another great idea is to make a measuring chart for your shoes selection. Have someone trace your foot on a piece of paper and then measure the tracing. This way, you can easily find the length of your foot in inches or centimeters. Also, find the width of your foot as well and then measure your other foot, too. Remember to use the measurements from the larger foot, so that both feet will be able to fit comfortably in your purchased pair of shoes.

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