Men's Clothing Buying Guide

The range of dressing for men varies from formalwear for special formal occasions to make one stand out from the crowd, business wear for day to day work, casual wear for informal occasions and while meeting friends, athletic wear for those involved in sporting activities and outerwear when the temperature falls and is cold outside.

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Tips for Buying Men's Clothing

Read these awesome tips for men's fashion and how to shop for men's clothing. This Menís clothing buyers guide will assist you in making the right decisions to stock up your wardrobe.

Casual Clothing

Clothes that are comfortable, like jeans or khaki pants go well with polo shirts, crewnecks and screen printed T-shirts. Dresses like these helps one relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Casual menís pants and button up shirts are made from Twill. Blue Jeans and Jackets are made from Denim, heavy cotton twill. At home too these clothes are very suitable.

Men's Casual Clothing

Formal Clothing

Tuxedos and fine suits are elegant choices while attending a formal dinner party or a wedding of a colleague or a business associate. The appropriate material for such formal occasions in winter is Gabardine. Made of wool or cotton, this nearly waterproof material is ideal to keep one comfortable and warm during autumn and chilly winter months. Suits that are made of linen would be suitable. Your wardrobe range can include French cuff shirts, vests and cummerbunds to give a complete look. If proper care is taken then your formal clothing will last several seasons.

Men's Formal Clothing

Business Clothing

For those who need to display the professional look five days a week, a collection of dress shirts, ties and pants would be ideal. Having a stock of two to three menís suits would also be essential for those who work in very formal offices. Jackets can be excellent add ons to these menís suits. To go with a matching tie, having solid colored dress shirts, white one especially, would be a good idea. Cotton or wool flannel shirts would be most appropriate for a casual day in office. As far as menís pants are concerned, Khaki, durable cotton twill, is also a good choice. Silk ties having the qualities of luster, warmth and durability is also a perfect accessory.

Men's Business Clothing

Athletic Clothing

For those who are inclined towards sporting activities like work outs in the gym or a casual game of football with friends, one need to have the right kind of athletic clothing. An ideal material for durable sweatpants or nylon athletic pants is spandex. To combine with this one needs to have shirts which absorb the moisture while performing high cardio exercises. Fleece or cotton jackets are also a good combination with the fitness clothing that one has. For those who are planning a vacation with their family to a warm locale, it would be a good idea to carry menís swimwear to laze around in the pool.

Men's Athletic Clothing


In conditions where temperatures drop, stylish menís coats would be an excellent choice. Different types of wool, including ones made from alpaca, camel hair, mohair fibers and cashmere are used to make jackets and coats suitable for cold winters. An all time classic is leather jacket especially in chilly weather. Pea coat or a heavy trench coat to wear over your suit would be excellent clothes to invest in, especially for the ones in business. Slacks, jeans, or other casual clothing also go with the menís jackets.

Men's Outerwear

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