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Every home today boasts of a wide range of home appliances. The range that is available has been conceived to cater to different needs of different types of people- small families, large families, single members and the elderly. It is important for us to consider the method of use of these appliances before deciding on the purchase. This buying guide would help you do just that.

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Things need to be considered when buying appliances:

Styles of Kitchen Appliances

The usages of these appliances are heavy, besides being visible. The type of these appliances determines the style of your house. Those who are interested in the classic style and use stainless steel cutlery can opt for black and white colored kitchen appliances. This helps in optimizing space in the kitchen too.

Kitchen Appliances


The need of the family unit will determine the size and type of refrigerator used. For everyday cooking there would be a need for a large space for keeping fresh food in the main fridge section. Meat and crisper would require separate storage drawers. A refrigerator with French door style would be ideal due to the frequent opening of the refrigerator. If on the other hand, your need is to have frozen food, ice-cream and other product, then a large refrigerator drawer may be required.


Cooking Ranges & Ovens

Mostly these are single units with the ovens in the bottom while the ranges are on the top. Separate ranges and ovens are also available for those who do not want both in the same appliance.

Cooking Ranges & Ovens

Countertop Ranges: If the range top is to be embedded in into the countertop then you may require a specific gas or electric hook-ups. Range hoods can be placed at different places as sometimes the countertop islands are at the room center.

Countertop Ranges

Wall Mounting Ovens: For those who have large kitchens this is a good option as there is extra space available for the ovens to be fixed on the walls or the cabinetry. Countertop ranges usually accompany these ovens.

Wall Mounted Ovens

Electric or Gas Appliances

A trade-off is involved in the decision between gas or electric appliances. If energy efficiency is the criteria, then gas is preferred over electric ranges. However if the criteria is cost, then electric appliances are more suitable. Range temperature can be controlled better in gas appliances. There are interesting coil designs available in electrical appliances.

Recessed: Cooking appliances mostly have recessed coils which can be easily cleaned.

Smoothness: Radiant heat is used to warm utensils which sit well on smooth ranges with glass-top. One needs to careful while cleaning in order to avoid scratches. However, they are easier to clean with compare to coil ranges.

Magnetic: A magnetic field is used to heat special pans in a magnetic induction range. The major advantage here is that the stove does not get heated up.

Electric Gas Appliances


The key requirement that considered while using a dishwasher is water-efficiency. In order to reduce water and energy use one can opt for numerous wash cycles. As far as drying settings are concerned one can opt for hot-air or cold-air settings. The capacity of dish and type of pans of pots for washing will determine the appropriate rack design.



One of the key aspects of garbage disposal is to have one with a maximum RPM. The blades and partitions can also be corrosion resistant. It is important to ensure that the disposals are compatible to the septic tank.


Washing Machines & Dryers

When the provision of a washer and the dryer exists in the same machine the job of doing the laundry becomes easier. The choices for buying clothes dryers are gas dryers and electric dryers. Dryers usually come with the front loading feature. Both top and front end washing machines are popular with the customers.

Washing Machines & Dryers

Top Loading Machines: Laundry rooms mostly have top loading washing machines. The advantage of this is the large capacity of these machines. However, they are lesser water efficient with compare to front loading machines.

Top Loading Machines

Front Loading Machines: The twin advantages of lesser water use and dryer clothes in the front loading machine would result in the clothes spending lesser time on the drier. There is, however, a requirement of special detergent while using the front loading machines.

Front Loading Machines

A/C and Heaters

For cooling a smaller room a room air conditioner should suffice. Some of the latest models of air conditioners also handle larger room areas. On the other hand, heaters can work on cold spots or rooms and make it comfortable for people staying there. For control over direction and intensity of the heat, one can opt for space heaters. The quality and effectiveness of the heater can be determined by the BTU ratings, adjustable thermostats and timers.

Air Conditioner & Heaters

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