Children's Clothing Buying Guide

Children can grow up so extremely fast. One moment you’re buying baby clothes and the very next you’re already moving along to the children’s section. It is essential to become familiar with good stores that provide the most optimal deals and sales for children’s clothing, especially since children never stop growing and will outgrow all clothing no matter how much it costs. A child’s clothing buying guide can therefore prove to be a potential life saver when it comes to deciding exactly what to buy.

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Infant Clothing

First of all, think chronologically. Infant and newborn clothes certainly come first and if you’re still pregnant, you might want to begin planning straight away and collecting clothe for the little boy or girl in advance. It is always better to buy bigger rather than smaller sizes, since the newborn will definitely not grow any smaller once it’s born. Summer infant clothing should be loose fitting and breathable to prevent rashes, while winter essentials such as hats, mittens, scarves and booties will be needed to keep the precious one nice and warm. Usually, at this stage, baby clothing comes according to months of age (with an M following a number of months). The system itself is relatively reliable but some babies grow a bit smaller or larger and you must therefore keep in mind that there are approximate measurements for these sizes, which are as follows:

- The 0-3M (S) is usually for 19-23 inches long and 4-11 pound babies.
- The next size is the 3-6M (M), made for those 24-26 inches and 12-15 pounds.
- For 6-9M (L), the measurements are typically 27-28 inches and 16-18 pounds.
- The next size, 12M (S) is to fit 29-30 inches 19-20 pound babies.
- For the 18M (M), they are usually for 31-32 inches 21-23 pound kids.
- And finally the 24M (L) are made with 33-35 inches and 24-28 pounds in mind.

Infant Clothing

Toddler Clothing

Next, you will progress into toddler clothing, and this is where durability and strength of the fabric becomes essential. As the toddler begins exploring and crawling around, the clothing must be able to withstand all sorts of tears and pulls. Cotton is the best, lightest option since it is very easy to maintain. It is better perhaps to purchase inexpensive clothing at this age, since your child will be extremely active and is very likely to tear or damage any expensive new garments rather quickly. Toddler clothing is sized by years and is usually a number followed by a T.

- For the 2T (S), toddlers are expected to be 33-35.5 inches tall and around 24-28 pounds.
- For 3T (M), 36-38.5 inches and 28.5-32 pounds are kept in mind.
- As for the 4T (L), these are usually made for 39-41 inches and 33-36 pound kids.

Toddler Clothing

Children’s Clothing

Finally you will move along to the children’s clothing, which is where you will need to begin considering not only your own preferences but also the personality of your child and his or her likes and dislikes. Your kid will know exactly what he or she wants according to their own fashion sense. Therefore, it is best to discuss what you plan on buying before actually making a purchase. T-shirts are always a safe option, as they are easy to wear any time of the year. No special care is usually needed for this type of garment. Consider also buying three pairs of jeans for your child, since jeans are the essential which will work for all kinds of occasions, from school to play date. It is always better to purchase everything bigger rather than smaller one again- since this will provide for more time to wear and thus save you some money. The sizes of children’s clothing begin to split amongst boys and girls after about the ages 4 to 6.

- For the 4 (S), children are expected to be about 42-44 inches tall and weight 37-41 pounds.
- For the 5 (M): 45-47 inches and around 42-46 pounds.
- As for the 6 (L), they are usually made for 48-49 inches tall, 47-53 pound kids.
- And finally the 6x/7 (XL) is made for 50-51 inches and 54-58 pounds.

Children Clothing

Types of Children Clothing

There are various types of children clothing available in the market in different styles and colors. Some types of children clothing are as follows.

Children Jackets

Kids Jackets

Children Jeans

Kids Jeans

Children Suits

Kids Suits

Children Nightwear

Kids Nightwear

Children Sportswear

Kids Sportswear

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